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Trivia Guy Press Kit

About Trivia Guy

Trivia Guy is a unique quiz game featuring a comedy narrator cracking jokes, gags and puns at every opportunity. It's a game of pure fun aimed at all gamers (aged over 13 - it can be a little naughty).

There's seven quiz topics, as the players answers questions on general knowledge, film & TV, music, sport, geography, history and literature.

You can play against a friend in two player pass and play mode.

There's plenty of achievements to earn in Trivia Guy to show how smart you are.

The game is free to play. There's no forced ads, only video ads which the player can watch when they choose to to earn TG coins to play more quizzes.

- Free to play
- No forced ads, watch video ads when you want
- Free hints (you score more points if you don't use them)
- 48 fun characters to choose as your look
- 100s of questions filled with jokes and puns
- 2 Player Pass and Play mode
- Achievements
- More questions coming soon in updates

Trivia Guy - Quiz Games Just Got Funny!

Trivia Guy is the work of a solo developer, Steven McDade, with his other half, Gillian Hardisty, on testing duties.



Steven McDade
based in Scotland

Release Date

iOS - 20 July 2017
App Store Link
Android - August 2017


iOS and Android


Free to play (optional IAP)


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Trivia Guy Launch Trailer


Steven McDade, the myth, the legend, the idiot


Trivia Guy is the second game to be released by Steven McDade.

Steven is a comedy writer who has written numerous TV sitcom pilots and who has had a show pitched for BBC Radio in the UK.

Frustrated at not getting my, er, his writing to an audience, Steven learned how to code poorly, and Google the tech stuff very well indeed.

With the help of his other half, Gillian, on testing duties, he wrote his first comedy game, Mister Smith & His Adventures, which was published by Ayopa Games in 2015.

Reviews and player response was very positive for Mister Smith & His Adventures.

“a game of real quality, of humour and creativity in spades”
Trusted Reviews 9/10
"a successful addition... bound to produce a smile or two"
148Apps - 4 out of 5
"... a quirky choose-your-own adventure... the ridiculously well-written Mister Smith"
Yahoo Tech

For my... sorry, it's still not me... for Steven's second game he chose to write a unique take on a quiz game and Trivia Guy is the result.

Trivia Guy is self published.

In the future Steven's games will be published under the Groovy Woovy banner.

Groovy Woovy's motto is "Play Smile Laugh" which sums up the type of games Steven wants to release.

A PR company charged £15,000 for those three words, "Play Smile Laugh"*.

* I'm joking - I don't have 15,000 in either pounds or pence!

If you need anything, then please get in touch with me via Email, Facebook or Twitter.